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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files stored on your computer when you visit certain websites. In some cases, they are deleted after this visit. In others they are kept for later visits. The use of cookies when accessing websites is a usual practice and the various browsers allow each user to refuse their use as well as to delete the ones already created.

This page uses cookies to improve users’ navigation as well as to better understand users’ behavior, likes and interests (in a general way).

You can learn how to disable cookies in your browser by following the instructions below. Note that important features of websites and applications will stop working while cookies are blocked.


Manage cookies across browsers

To disable cookies in your browser you can follow these instructions. Note that given the high number of browsers and their versions, these instructions are not exhaustive. You can also consult the specific help pages of your browser or a generic page on this topic.

All about cookies:

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Cookie Types

The cookies on this website fall into the following categories:

Category 1 – Essential Cookies for Service Delivery

These cookies are essential to enable the use of the website and its features.

Category 2 – Service Analysis Cookies

These cookies collect information about how the website and service are used, such as which pages are most visited. This information can be used to help improve pages and make them easier to use. These cookies also let you know if the visits come from campaigns and if those visits resulted in the purchase of a product or service. These cookies do not collect information that identifies you as all information collected is aggregated in non-personal and therefore anonymous indicators.


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Date created: 5th March, 2018

Date Modified: 20th July, 2019